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O.P.A. AR15 black nitride barrels for sale

OPA AR15 Upper Reciever

Barrel Steel: 4150V grade Milspec B-11595E Chromium-Molybdenum-Vanadium (CrMoV)
Thread pitch at muzzle: 1/2 x 28 inch
Featuring TRACK rifling and a patented manufacturing process, the Oregon Precision Arms AR15 pistol barrel maximizes extreme accuracy potential. What does it take to produce a top tier match grade barrel the competition cannot touch? We utilize FJ Fedderson barrel blanks using patented gun drilling methods plus ultra-sensitive honing methods. TRACK™ is a proprietary rifling known as Single Edge Polygonal (SEP) available through TRIARC Systems. The primary function of this innovation is to provide improved rifling for a gun barrel, which has a single edge area and a polygonal area separating the grooves. In essence, it is a combination of standard and polygonal rifling. This hybrid reduces any substantial deformation of the bullet due to its minimal engraving. It allows the bullet to move more symmetrically along the barrel, enabling a straighter line towards the target. Furthermore, the tighter seal of the projectile reduces forward escaping gases, and therefore, minimal loss of gas pressures.

Ultimately, this design has the capabilities of shooting match grade ammunition at sub MOA accuracy (carbine length). Blacknitrided inside and out.

Track Rifle

Lengths and calibers available:

5.56 1×7 twist 7.5”, 9.5”

300 BLACKOUT 1×10 twist: 8.5”, 10.5”


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Billet AR15 lower receivers for sale 7075 aluminum  



***SOLD OUT***


Complete billet AR15 lower receiver  with all parts installed

Stripped billet lower receiver

  80% billet lower receiver (3 pack)




 80% receivers are shipped directly to customers. These receivers are unfinished and require machining. All complete AR15 receivers require a  FFL prior to shipping. Oregon Precision Arms LLC will not ship your product until a current FFL is provided. Thank You

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